14+ Things Only St. Bernard Owners Will Understand

St. Bernards are loyal and very obedient dogs. They love people, and they treat children very carefully and carefully. There is one drawback that is quite difficult to cope with – St. Bernards do not like small dogs very much. But if the puppies are raised together, then in the future there is hope that they will live together.

St. Bernard is an ideal companion that combines good character with a significant appearance. One species will terrify any intruder, although by nature he is not a guard. This compliant dog is easy to learn but does not like monotonous, monotonous activities. It is one of the giants of the canine world. Companion dog, a mountain rescue dog.

#1 Noon, standing guard. I can sleep well knowing that the squirrels have scattered across the yard.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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