14+ Things Only Newfoundland Owners Will Understand

Newfoundland is called a “golden” dog. He is kind, loyal, friendly, tactful, not at all inclined to aggression. Using the terminology of psychics, we can say that he has a good biofield. The very presence of this good-natured giant in the house creates an atmosphere of comfort, security, and benevolence.

Perhaps the Newfoundlands are the most socialized dogs in the world, the main purpose of their existence is to serve humans. They are selflessly heroic and ready to help at any moment. They are completely devoted to the work entrusted to them – whether it be a police or military mission, escorting the blind, and even transporting goods. No wonder one of the paintings of the British artist Edwin Henry Landseer, which depicts Newfoundland in all its glory, is called “A Worthy Member of Human Society.”

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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