14+ Things Only Labrador Retriever Owners Will Understand

It is difficult to find a dog with a lighter and more accommodating character than a Labrador Retriever. They are incredibly friendly and try to please the person in any situation. Aggression is not at all peculiar to them, so there will be no problems with living in a house where there are other animals (including cats) and children of any age.

The reverse side of such a mild disposition can only be called poorly developed protective qualities. Do not expect that the Labrador will fight back the robbers – everyone who comes to its territory is perceived by default as a new companion for games, but in the event of a direct threat to the owners from people or “stranger” dogs, it will certainly come to the defense.

Labrador retrievers make excellent guides for the visually impaired, therapists for those with autism, and assistants for people with disabilities. In addition, they are often used as service dogs in rescue operations (in particular, on the water), and a keen sense of smell helps in the search for explosives and drugs.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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