14 Things No One Tells You About Being a Dog Owner

Before you get your new family member home, you probably daydream (just like someone who is going to be a parent) about what it will be like to have a dog in your life. You may imagine long walks, that you should teach your dog all sorts of cool tricks and that every night you should come home to someone who happily welcomes you at the door.

Yes, wait.

Absolutely – having a dog is a great experience, but there are a few things you may not know about being a dog owner. Things no one says to you.

Your dog will open up a whole new world of flavors

But maybe not the flavors you will like. Your new friend may have preferences that are not entirely in line with your own, such as old banana peels, old napkins or why not goose poop.

Your dog will make you feel things you have never felt before

And these feelings will not always be overwhelming love and pride (however, you will definitely feel this with). What you feel may also be your fingers deep in the dog’s mouth to try to pick out the above banana peels or napkins.

Your dog will go for long walks with you

Maybe at midnight, at 3 in the morning, or in the epic final scene of your favorite series. When nature calls or your dog has an upset stomach (after eating something you did not have time to fish out of its mouth), your new friend will take you for a walk at times you may not have chosen. But, enjoy the surroundings at night. Look at the stars. Let the dog take his time and focus instead on how your relationship is strengthened by these night walks.

Your dog will make you discover new areas

There will come a day when you let your dog walk without a leash and he decides that the path you have chosen is not quite the same as the one he wants to walk. The dog chooses a new path and that with a message. Maybe a path you do not fully recognize. Hopefully, you have the running shoes on, because your leisurely walk developed into a run.

Your dog will teach you all about proper behavior

As a new dog owner, you will probably go on some type of dog course so that your dog gets the best conditions for a good upbringing and to become a functioning part of society. Or? It is not only the dog that needs to be trained, but also you as the new owner. As soon as your dog finds out how gullible you are, the real training begins. When is it appropriate to give the dog candy? When are we going to play? When is it time for a walk?

Your dog will open up a new world of scents

“What kind of scent is that?” is a question you will surely ask yourself. It is quite likely that the smell will come from the dog or something the dog has dragged in. Scents are something you and your dog will need to talk about, for what makes you feel “wow!” can make your dog feel “yummy!”.

Your dog will teach you a whole new language

As soon as your new dog steps over the threshold to his new home, you will learn a new language – a language that lies somewhere between baby talk and free-flowing chatter that only you and your dog will understand. This language will be completely your own and will be completely separate from the commands you want your dog to listen to.

Your dog will teach you the true meaning of the words

You might think that “fetch” means “get the ball I threw for you”. You may think that “come here” means “move from there and come here to me”. Your dog will look more at these commands as suggestions on how it could act. “Retrieval” can just as easily mean “I want to chase you!” and “come here” could also mean “sit still right there and stare at me”.

Your dog will structure your schedule

Dogs are addictive animals. On a Saturday morning, after a long work week and an AW on Friday, you may want to sleep out and get some beauty sleep. What if. Your dog probably has a completely different plan here. Partly because sleeping mornings are not something for dogs. Sleeping mornings are for cats.

Your dog is always ready for a wet kiss

Even when your own breath is not at its peak, your dog is there, ready for love. Remember that what smells musty to a human can be heaven for a dog’s nose. And what’s even better is that your dog is completely unaware of his own fish-like breath and expects a big wet kiss from you!

Your dog will always be there to listen (or to pretend anyway)

When no one else is there to listen when you complain about your bad day, or when you tell about your latest addition to your porcelain dog collection, or the time you saw a C-celebrity in the grocery store – then your dog is there and listening enchanted every word.

Your dog will always be the perfect excuse

“I have to walk the dog”, “the dog needs food”. Come on. It’s just to admit. You’ve already heard these excuses from another dog owner who slips away from your party. But, congratulations! Now you also have access to new artillery of excuses when you want to go home early from a party, or when you want to hang up in the ear of your friend who can not stop nagging about the new addition to her porcelain dog collection.

Your dog will keep all your secrets

You will never have to order your dog to “not tell anyone”. All your secrets will be well kept between those cute little hairy ears. And what’s even better is that your dog does not actually care what your big secret is – given that your secret is not where you hide the dog candy.

Your dog will give the word “unconditional” a whole new meaning

Your dog will love you unconditionally. No matter what you look like, what mood you are in, or how quirky your jokes are. Your dog will think you’re the coolest, coolest, most amazing person to walk in a pair of shoes. No one can ever measure up to you. Because you and your dog will be best friends, you will do everything you can to be the person your dog thinks you are and try to love the dog the way he loves you. You will succeed, but do not worry if you do not meet the requirements every single day. After all, you’re just a human being.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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