14+ Reasons Why Your Husky is Staring at You Right Now

Husky is a very friendly, cheerful, and playful breed of dog, but despite these advantages, there are very serious disadvantages. It is very difficult to keep in an apartment, huskies love to play at an early age.

At home, when I came home I found: Torn books, magazines, gnawed consoles, computer mice, sometimes there were such phenomena that even on the couch he went to the toilet. Many such manifestations also occur at a later age, but there are cases even worse. You need to clean everything very carefully when you leave the dog alone in the apartment. Husky needs a master with a strong character, if you are a gentle person and you have little or no rigidity in character, then this dog will become the master over you. On a walk, they have slopes to escape. This breed is not suitable for protection. This breed needs care and special attention. Despite all these disadvantages, it is very fun and funny with a husky, it sounds strange but this dog can sing. You won’t get bored with her.

Below you can see 15 reasons why your husky dog is looking at you:

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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