14+ Reasons Why Your French Bulldog is Staring at You Right Now

The French Bulldog, according to the characteristics and description of the breed, is a molluscoid type dog, small in size, powerful, tightly knit, of shortened proportions. They are characterized by intelligence, sensitivity, and activity. French Bulldogs are sociable, cheerful, agile, extremely affectionate with their owners, get along great with children, and love to play very much. This is the ideal breed for those who have a dog for the first time. However, it should be borne in mind that representatives of this breed have natural stubbornness, therefore, when training them, you will have to be patient and persistent. French Bulldogs are ideal for keeping in an apartment: they don’t need a lot of space and they don’t bark for no reason. These dogs do not need long walks – 15-20 minutes will be enough. French Bulldog care is not difficult. They have a short, fine, soft coat that can be brushed once a week with a soft brush or rubber glove. These dogs do not need frequent bathing – bathe them once a month or as needed. They shed slightly, but change the undercoat in spring and autumn. During seasonal molting, you will need to brush your dog more often. It is important to keep the skin folds on the face clean – wipe them with a damp cloth or tissue and wipe them dry.

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