14+ Reasons Why You Should Never Own Labradoodles

If you have read the history of the origin of this breed, then you are well aware of what a wonderful character it has. The first quality that a guide dog should have is love for people, and a Labradoodle has love in abundance. Therefore, there is no need to even talk about any special attitude towards strangers, since a dog of this breed, by default, is friendly to all people on the planet. Unless they make you think differently.

Of course, the well-being and health of the owner come first for him, and everything else comes second. Therefore, although Labradoodle does not show any negativity towards strangers, he is alert and always ready not only to help the owner but also to protect him as much as possible.

The intelligence of these pets is at a height – they are able to memorize a huge number of commands, complex and simple, in addition, they just understand human speech and behavioural prompts well, thanks to which they can support their owner in literally everything. The attitude towards children is correspondingly excellent; there is never a problem here.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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