14+ Reasons Why You Should Never Own Great Danes

You will hear many compliments from any owner of the Great Dane to the breed. These giants are naturally very intelligent and benevolent. Of course, the puppy enjoys active play and is prone to mischief, which, given its size, can be devastating. But they are not evil and do not do nasty things for the sake of pleasure, and if during a fight for a stick you find yourself on the ground, you should not consider such an act as a manifestation of hostility – most often a “boy”. during the period of active growth, he simply does not realize his size and, as a result, does not measure his strength, which he uses to win in single combat.

With age, this passes, an adult dog becomes a sedate and reliable companion. The pronounced instinct of the protector and guardian of the weak members of the “pack” turns the Great Dane not just into a guard – with such a nanny your child will be completely safe, the dog will never be offended.

Sociable and cheerful pet, most of all he loves to spend time with his family. Psychologically, she cannot stand the long absence of the owners, therefore, if your work involves frequent business trips, we advise you to think about a puppy of a different breed.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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