14+ Reasons Why Pekingese Shouldn’t Be Trusted

First of all, an ordinary owner needs to put himself in the role of a leader and earn the authority of the dog. There are standard tricks for this – if the dog wants a toy, do not give it out right away. Try to remind her first of the command she didn’t want to do in class. You can do the same with walks. However, it is extremely important not to go too far here, as the Pekingese is extremely painful to perceive the rigidity and coercion.

There is no need to try to overreact your dog, just be patient and consistent, you may need to spend more time learning the basic commands than you thought. If the dog does not want to follow the command in any way, go to meet him, but the next day repeats the same situation. Training should take place in a playful way, moreover, there is no need to arrange long sessions. Pekingese loves to bark – teach him to shut up on command.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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