14+ Reasons Why Newfoundlands Shouldn’t Be Trusted

A Newfoundland dog is a great kind-hearted dog. If you have a child, Newfoundland is a great nanny – smart, big, strong. This breed is aware of itself as a member of the family because these dogs are difficult to experience separation from loved ones. They are happy when they have the opportunity to spend time with their owner or family members, walk, play, and just be around.

When a dog feels that he is playing an important role in family affairs, it makes him happy. And, on the contrary, if she lives on a chain, or you drive her into an aviary every day and spend time with your pet extremely rarely, his character will deteriorate, he will be unhappy. The Newfoundland dog has great friendliness and almost never shows aggression, unless only in order to protect its owners.

However, by default they treat everyone kindly, they immediately want to make friends, of course, if they are brought up correctly and socialized at an early age. However, do not think that such qualities are instilled by the owner – it is rather the natural state of these dogs, which is simply fully revealed in a harmonious and correct life. A negative attitude towards a person appears only if he shows himself appropriately.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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