14+ Reasons Why Airedale Terriers Shouldn’t Be Trusted

The mixture of hound and terrier softened the character of the Airedale a bit. They are still quite cocky, but they get along better with other dogs than other terrier breeds. The Airedale gets along well with the animals it grew up with and generally gets along well with children, although it can be too noisy for small children.

At first, Airedale terriers avoid strangers, so they need to be trained and taught to people from early childhood. They are very intelligent dogs, but slightly stubborn and independent. From puppyhood, they need a firm but gentle hand. Most dogs of this breed do not tend to bark, but due to their terrier origin, they are very fond of digging and chewing. For complete happiness, they really need to communicate with people.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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