14+ Pros and Cons of Owning Japanese Chins

The Japanese Chin is an unusual and imposing decorative dog breed, the dream of many animal lovers who believe that there are no flaws in it. However, all dogs have their own habits, temperaments, and a tendency to disease, arising from breed characteristics, which can cause inconvenience to owners. The Japanese Chin is no exception, and this article will discuss both the pros and cons of the breed.

#1 The activity of the Japanese Chin is an integral characteristic of the breed, and it depends only on the environment of the dog whether it is a plus or a minus.

#2 This dog is able not only to learn commands but also to “feel” the owner’s mood and be able to adapt to it.

#3 The dog is loyal to his fellows and, as a rule, is not the initiator of conflict situations.

He shows the same ability to strangers: in the case when they are not intrusive and do not try to make friends with the dog against its will or try to take it in their arms.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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