14+ Pictures That Prove Maltese Are Perfect Weirdos

A lively and affectionate dog is very easy to learn commands, very intelligent. A very active dog loves outdoor games. Runs very fast love to jump. Inventive and very smart, curious. A true little friend, devoted, courageous, sincere, loves the owner, his relatives, and friends. It is impossible to resist the charm and liveliness of this dog. She can bite if she is small.

Maltese are very creative and playful. Due to their small size, they can easily turn an apartment into a kind of polygon for their fun. These dogs just love exercise.

Maltese are very fond of playing with the owner (for example, catch-up). Maltese are unusually good-natured and gentle towards the owner and his family members. They are especially affectionate with children. Maltese, it should be noted, is uneasy about strangers. Other dogs are treated with affection and kindness, they like to communicate with them.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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