14+ Historical Facts About St Bernards You Might Not Know

One of the giants of the canine tribe, St. Bernard leaves no one indifferent. And it’s not just the huge size of this breed of dogs. St. Bernard is a big plush heart full of love and tenderness. They are amazing friends, companions, and nannies. Smart, always benevolent, and loyal – this is the portrait of a real St. Bernard.

#1 The history of the formation of the breed is rooted in such depths of centuries that experts can only speculate as to who actually was the ancestor of rescue dogs.

#2 Most modern researchers are inclined to think that the ancestors of today’s St. Bernards were the Tibetan mastiffs – dogs of massive build that settled in Central and Asia Minor in the 4th century BC. e.

#3 The animals came to Europe with the carts of Alexander the Great, who brought them as a trophy of war, first to Greece, and then to Ancient Rome.

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