14+ Facts About Raising, Training and Maintenance: Norwegian Elkhounds

Despite the harshness of the cold regions of origin, the Norwegian Elkhound is a very affectionate and sensitive dog. At the same time, he is quite independent and independent, in the hunt, he shows independence and decisiveness. It is characterized by detachment and a desire to manipulate the owner. In the absence of proper education, the dogs of the Norwegian Elkhound can bring inconvenience to humans: they can be difficult to control, disobedient, independent, react aggressively to other animals

#1 The first thing you need to know about this breed is that it is not intended for living in an apartment.

#2 For her cohabitation with a person, a large spacious area with free access to fresh air is needed.

#3 The Norwegian Elkhound is very freedom-loving and independent, he does not like to be bored and spend time idle. He needs constant involvement.

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