14+ Facts About Raising and Training Keeshonds

Puppy training should be started from the first days of the dog’s stay in your home. Because already from infancy, a puppy should learn the rules of behavior in your house, what is allowed and what is forbidden, how to behave with all family members, even the smallest and oldest, what you can play with and whatnot, where to go to the toilet and much more.

#1 The beginning of the puppy’s training coincides with the time of the first outing. When the first two vaccinations have already been made, the quarantine (lasts 7-14 days, depending on the vaccination) after them is over.

#2 It is not at all necessary to deal with the puppy only on the street, the first lessons are best done at home, where there are fewer distractions.

#3 Often, new puppy owners worry that training from the first days will be overwhelming for the dog.

This is possible only in the case of using outdated rigid methods, and with the right approach, training from the first days will, on the contrary, be very useful, since it allows you to immediately establish contact with the puppy and build trusting relationships.

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