14+ Amazing Facts About Akitas You Might Not Know

Akita Inu is a very intelligent breed of dog. They perfectly control their emotions, although they are considered to be quite temperamental dogs. Akita Inu owners note that dogs are prone to cunning. For example, perfectly understanding what command the owner is giving, the dog pretends not to hear him or does not understand the command.

#1 In Japan, in the 17th century, there was a decree according to which anyone who dared to offend Akita Inu was sent to prison, and the killer of a dog of this breed was threatened with inevitable death penalty.

#2 The breed has an almost phenomenal memory – dogs remember not only the commands and facial expressions of a person, but also the events of their lives.

#3 They don’t like to bark for no particular reason. That is why the Japanese have a saying: “If your Akita barks, worry.”

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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