13+ Pictures That Prove Goldendoodles Are Perfect Weirdos

Goldendoodle can have two types of coats: shaggy and wavy, or Shaggy/wavy with loose curls. Goldendoodle should not have a tightly curled coat like a purebred Poodle or a smooth coat like a Golden Retriever. From the moment of the birth of Goldendoodle until the time when he is one year old, that is, until the moment he becomes an adult dog, his coat can change about 10-15 times. And only after the dog’s coat is fully formed, it begins to require some kind of care. Shedding is moderate, the coat is in one layer. Taking care of Goldendoodle is pretty easy. Like all other Poodle crosses, these dogs are recommended for keeping to those people who have moderate allergies.

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