13 Dog Breeders of Pomeranians in Ohio (OH)

If you live in Ohio (OH) and are trying to find Pomeranian puppies for sale near you, then this article is for you. In this post, you can find a list of Pomeranian breeders in Ohio (OH).

How often do Pomeranians have their periods?

Females usually come into heat twice a year. As with women, bitches’ bodies are subject to a menstrual cycle called the estrous cycle. Duration varies between bitches, but periods tend to be regular the more often they occur.

Are Pomeranians aggressive?

He is alert, but not aggressive, but friendly to humans and animals. He is well suited to socializing with others, but always has a close connection to his caregiver, whom he prefers to accompany everywhere.

How do I train a Spitz?

First, focus on the basics like “sit” and “come.” Later you can build on what you have learned. Don’t overwhelm the puppy. You must be the dog’s boss, otherwise, he has no reason to obey your orders.

Are Pomeranians barkers?

He barks until he’s hoarse, he sheds hair, and sometimes snaps. This little barker is currently the most desirable dog in the country. No other breed has been bought more frequently in the past twelve months than the Pomeranian, also known as the Pomeranian, or Pom for short. Small dogs are in fashion.

Can you stop a spitz from barking?

Now you have to wait for a situation in which your dog starts to bark. Let your dog bark once or twice, three times at most, and then give him the new stop signal. Say it calmly, but firmly and forcefully.

What do you have to consider with Pomeranian?

Since a Pomeranian has a very thick coat, allergies are also an important consideration to consider before purchasing one of these dogs. Of course, the dog must also be brushed regularly so that the coat does not become knotted. Further care is also necessary (bathing, etc.).

What can a Pomeranian not eat?

  • Onions and garlic.
  • Potatoes, eggplant, and tomatoes.
  • Raw legumes.
  • Fruit cores.
  • Avocado.
  • Raisins & Grapes.
  • Chocolate & Cocoa.
  • Raw Pork.

Is a Pomeranian a torture breed?

The nervous system, bone structure, and many organs no longer function properly. All of this and more are serious manifestations of torture that unfortunately we are seeing more and more of in the Pomeranian.

Do Pomeranians get sick often?

Overall, Pomeranians are a healthy breed. But just like any other breed, they are prone to certain health issues.

Online Pomeranian Breeders

AKC MarketPlace

Adopt a Pet

Puppies For Sale Today

Pomeranian Puppies for Sale in Ohio (OH)


Address – 13298 Miller Rd NW, Johnstown, OH 43031, United States

Phone – +1 740-809-3074

Website –

Sherry’s Shih-Poos in Medina, OH

Address – 5761 Emerald Lakes Dr, Medina, OH 44256, United States

Phone – +1 330-636-6286

Website –

Hidden View Farms

Address – 7575 Bremen Rd SE, Lancaster, OH 43130, United States

Phone – +1 740-974-8618

Website –

Sunrise Pups

Address – 2600 Fisher Rd Suite A, Columbus, OH 43204, United States

Phone – +1 614-285-4870

Website –

Piper s Posh Puppies

Address – 7033 OH-45, Lisbon, OH 44432, United States

Phone – +1 330-892-8895

Website –

Richmond Kennel

Address – 395 Old State Rte 56 NW, London, OH 43140, United States

Phone – +1 740-852-2793

Website –

Preferred Puppies

Address – 105 Main St, Hamilton, OH 45013, United States

Phone – +1 513-896-5056

Website –

Little Puppies Online

Address – 16149 Wooster Rd, Mt Vernon, OH 43050, United States

Phone – +1 740-501-6746

Website –

That Puppy In The Window

Address – 2497 Lake Center St NW, Uniontown, OH 44685, United States

Phone – +1 330-754-8136

Website –

Grandeur Valley Puppies

Address – 7767 Fountain Nook Rd, Apple Creek, OH 44606, United States

Phone – +1 330-466-5722

Website –

Ohio Puppy

Address – 1560 E Liberty St, Girard, OH 44420, United States

Phone – +1 330-759-1200

Website –


Address – 5294 Alert New London Rd, Hamilton, OH 45013, United States

Phone – +1 513-470-6009

Website –

Petland Carriage Place

Address – 2620 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220, United States

Phone – +1 614-459-5989

Website –

Average Price of a Pomeranian Puppy in Ohio (OH)

$500 to $6000

Pomeranian Puppies for Sale: Breeders Near Me

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