12+ Undeniable Truths Only Doberman Pinscher Pup Parents Understand

Initially, this breed was bred to perform specific tasks. And the service Dobermans were brought up on the principle of unquestioning loyalty to the owner and aggressive suspicion of a stranger. Hence the opinion of the Doberman as an evil inadequate creature. However, breeders managed to get rid of unwanted qualities while fully preserving all performance characteristics, so that modern Dobermans are full-fledged family pets.

In no case, using the inclinations laid down by nature – strength, lack of fear, impetuosity, intelligence – to cultivate a “fiend of hell” out of your Doberman. One of the most striking features of this dog is that she herself is able to understand the difference between good and bad, and it is simply a crime to educate her with the methods of resentment and terror.

Doberman is a loving and very intelligent friend, top class “security”, a dog capable of embodying all your ideas about an ideal dog!

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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