12 Tips to Help Your Beagle Sleep

First of all, “Congratulations” on choosing a Beagle puppy. The days pass wonderfully, with games, sleeping, and romping. But your pup just won’t sleep at night and is keeping you and your family busy?

Beagle puppies are used to living and sleeping with their mother and siblings. A night in a strange place without the siblings and the puppy’s mother can be difficult. In order for a Beagle puppy to stop crying and sleep through the night, he needs to be comfortable. This includes human contact. Consider sitting next to your pup for the first few nights. If possible, even sleep next to him for a few nights.

If your puppy still won’t sleep at night, you need to train your puppy to sleeping habits. Here are a few ideas on how to establish a regular sleep schedule for your pup.

#1 Why isn’t your Beagle puppy sleeping at night?

First of all, you need to know that a young beagle puppy is just like a little baby that is always looking for attention. And if it's ignored or doesn't get what it wants, it's easy to have little tantrums. And if they're not tired at night, they want to be active, bark, and play with you.

Is this unusual or abnormal? No, puppies sleep a lot during the day and are fit at night. It's just like with babies. But just like with babies, that can be changed with dogs. You need to train your puppy to sleep well. They have to develop a fixed routine in which playing, romping, and sleeping have their fixed places.

#2 How do I train a Beagle puppy to sleep through the night?

First of all, you need to know that beagles are intelligent animals and quickly grasp what tasks they are asked to solve. You should devise a plan, bearing in mind that Beagles are not only intelligent, but also very athletic. They need a lot of attention, but also enough sleep to grow up healthy. Here are a few exercises and tips on how to introduce your puppy to a stable sleeping rhythm.

#3 Dissipate excess energy

Beagles have an incredible amount of energy, which they usually burn off by jumping, running, and playing. It is best if they drain this energy during the day and nothing at night. Go for long walks regularly (depending on the age of the puppy), also in the late afternoon. If you have a yard or dog park nearby, throw frisbees or balls to give them a workout. Please use special dog Frisbees so that your dog does not injure its mouth. Plus, these frisbees float. So playing your Beagle tired and this will ensure a good night's sleep.

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