12 Tips on Training Your French Bulldog

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they will try your patience when it comes to housebreaking them. Bringing a small puppy into your home is akin to bringing a baby into your new home. Learning how to housetrain a French bulldog puppy is hard work and takes time, but ultimately it’s not rocket science.

In this article, I describe the mistakes owners can make, how to properly housetrain the puppy, how long it should take, and how difficult it is. I will also explain what techniques and products you can use to end up being successful.

I would prefer to go outside if you have a ground-floor house or apartment. If you have to walk down 1-3 floors first and still have 50 meters to find the next tree, then you better use the sanitary pads with puppies. With puppies, it has to be quick.

#1 Exercises to house train a French bulldog

Just like training a child, part of getting your Frenchie housetrained is teaching your dog to know when to go to the bathroom.

Whether you have an outdoor area for your dog to do his business or you use a puppy pad, the steps are almost identical—it's just the location, the routine, and the reward.

Once these French bulldog puppy training techniques have been repeated enough times, the puppy will know what to do when it needs to go to the bathroom. And he'll use anything you taught him to get you out with him.

It is important that you teach your dog the proper methods to housetrain them in the safest and easiest way.

The great thing about French bulldogs is that they are a clean breed that will do their best to avoid pee accidents. So if you have a regular training schedule, your dog or puppy will be housebroken in just a few weeks.

#2 Schedule regular and consistent pee breaks

You should walk your pup in the morning as soon as he wakes up, after prolonged play, and after meals.

This established schedule will stick with your Bulldog so he knows what to expect from you on a daily basis.

Some owners have a dog flap on the back door so this won't be a big problem for them, but many of you won't have this option so you need to be prepared to act quickly.

#3 Watch for signs that your dog needs to go outside

Once you get to know your French Bulldog better, you will be able to spot the signs that it needs to go to the bathroom.

Some of these warning signs are fairly obvious, such as running in circles around the room, walking back and forth between the same rooms, whining at you, barking loudly, sniffing you, and looking you straight in the eyes.

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