12 Things You Never Knew About American Akita Dogs

Despite its imposing appearance and size, the American Akita is a friendly, alert, and obedient dog. Due to his high level of intelligence and independence, he can sometimes give the impression of being a stubborn person.

#1 His upbringing should be very time-consuming and always loving, consistent and patient in the first months of life.

#2 Dog owners should have a lot of experience with four-legged friends and, as self-confident and solid personalities, should feel up to the strong character of the American Akita.

Only under these circumstances can the clever giant blossom into an adaptable, calm companion through thick and thin who forms a strong bond with his caregiver.

#3 The American Akita is a very large, powerful but harmoniously built dog; this impression is reinforced by the heavy bone structure.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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