12 Things to Know About Collies

Collies make great everyday companions who feel most comfortable with people who have the time and inclination to do a lot with their dog and who see them as full members of the family. Collies are very active and need to be exercised both physically and mentally. They are just as enthusiastic about different dog sports as they are about long hikes or jogging tours with their master or mistress. The main thing is that they can be there! At times, collies are also used as search and rescue dogs, which keeps their alert and alert minds sharp. At home, Collies are affectionate and easygoing family dogs who enjoy living close to their family. They do not like to be left alone, which should be considered before purchasing.

#1 Collies need long walks and lots of exercise every day.

They are happy about a task that they find, for example, in dog sports. Brain work should also be a regular part of the program.

#2 With regard to the diet, there are no special considerations for the collie.

In order to lay the foundation for a healthy and long life, as with all dogs, the value should be placed on high-quality food. You can feed your collie with dry and wet food as well as with BARF.

#3 Despite its elegant, noble coat, the collie does not require a lot of care.

With both the short-haired and the long-haired variants, it is usually sufficient to brush the coat thoroughly once a week and to remove dirt after walks in bad weather. As with all dogs, good dental care is important. The claws can be shortened if necessary.

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