12 Surprising Facts About Leonbergers

The Leonberger is a gentle giant and not only has a thick coat on the outside. When dealing with children, he has the patience of an angel and even small children don’t bother him, even if he shouldn’t be left alone with them, of course.

#1 But one should not misunderstand his calm. He is not a dog that always lies comfortably on his blanket.

The family dog is lively, playful, outgoing, and wants to be kept busy. Right from the start, the Leonberger was bred as a guard dog, either to guard the house and yard or the carriages of nobles when traveling.

#2 But its strength as a guard dog lies in its impressively large and powerful build, not in barking or even in excessive aggressiveness – even if it will defend its people and its territory in the event of an attack.

#3 Basically, he reacts rather calmly to strangers. The intelligent dog senses very precisely who is an enemy and an intruder and who is simply a visitor or passer-by with no malicious intentions.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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