12+ Reasons Why You Should NEVER Own a Lagotto Romagnolo

Is the Lagotto a beginner dog?

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a friendly family dog and a good partner for children. He also gets along very well with other four-legged housemates. These qualities also make the Lagotto easy to maneuver for beginners.

Is the Lagotto a barker?

Orange-colored spots to monochromatic brown in a wide variety of color nuances. Without being a barker, the ever-alert dog barks or growls to indicate changes in its home environment, but is not a real watchdog.

How much work does a Lagotto need?

The working dog in the Lagotto Romagnolo is still awake and active. As a family dog, he absolutely needs tasks that keep him busy and challenge him according to his breed-typical motivations. Otherwise, the medium-sized bundle of energy can sometimes walk over tables and benches, especially at a young age.

How much exercise does a Lagotto need?

The Lagotto Romagnolo needs a lot of exercise. He has to walk at least two hours a day and his mind also wants to be challenged. As a water dog, he loves to swim.

How much sleep does a Lagotto need?

Puppies need a lot of sleep – up to 22 hours a day – to thrive. If dogs don’t get enough rest, they quickly become overexcited, irritable or even more susceptible to illness. A purebred Lagotto Romagnolo puppy is not that easy to come by.

Is the Lagotto a family dog?

The breed clubs and authorities celebrate him as the only, best and irreplaceable truffle search dog, but at the same time the Lagotto is more and more appreciated and loved as a family dog.

How much does a Lagotto Romagnolo cost?

What is the price of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy? Owners who want to buy a Lagotto pay between $1000 and $1500.

How does a Lagotto bark?

Correctly identified, a Lagotto barks! sometimes very loud and threatening if need be. Sometimes so loud it’s buzzing in his ears. This behavior can be steered very well in the desired direction.

Can you leave a Lagotto alone?

Consider that a Lagotto is around 15 years old. Are you ready to focus your holidays, visits to friends, New Year’s Eve and family celebrations on the dog? An adult dog can be left alone for a few hours, but never a whole day.

Which harness is good for Lagotto?

Leash, collar, harness. In the beginning, a light nylon harness in xs is a good choice. The leash should also be as light as possible (pay attention to the weight of the carabiner).

How do I train a Lagotto Romagnolo?

However, the Lagotto Romagnolo is easy to train. He wants to be guided by his owners and is loyal to them. In education he is a grateful partner. He is well suited for beginners and forgives mistakes in training.

How often does a Lagotto have to go to the hairdresser?

You have your Lagotto clipped to 7 – 9mm every 10-12 weeks.

Which brush for Lagotto?

A MULTIBRUSH brush is very suitable for a Lagotto Romagnolo. Once the Lagotto has been thoroughly brushed (ideally once a week), you can use a coarse-toothed comb to remove any felt spots. Ear powder makes it much easier to pull hair out of the ear canal.

How heavy can a Lagotto be?

Male: 13-16 kg
Female: 11-14 kg

How fast does a Lagotto grow?

The puppies are getting bigger and bigger all too quickly and before you know it you’re standing in front of a full-grown dog. While a human being is not considered “adult” until the age of 20, the main growth in dogs takes place within the first 9 months.

How big is a Lagotto at 6 months?

After 6 months the weight is between 8.15 – 10.3 kg. On her first birthday, the Lagotto Romagnolo bitch weighs between 10.75 – 13.6 kg and another 1 month later, at the age of 1.1 years, she is already fully grown at 11 – 14 kg.

How big does a Lagotto Romagnolo get?

Male: 43-48cm
Female: 41-46cm

How often to brush Lagotto?

This means brushing and combing well once every 7-14 days, otherwise checking the longer hair on the head and legs daily and carefully removing unwanted particles and knots with a comb and brush if necessary.

What does a Lagotto eat?

The Lagotto Romagnolo has no special dietary requirements. Of course, high quality food is good for his health and he likes it too. Like most dogs, he also likes a meaty beef bone and fresh meat. The Lagotto Romagnolo is suitable for barfing.

Is the Lagotto a barker?

Without being a barker, the ever-alert dog barks or growls to indicate changes in its home environment, but is not a real watchdog.

How much does a Lagotto Romagnolo cost?

The Lagotto Romagnolo puppies are offered by the breeder. The cost of this truffle dog is often estimated at $2,500 and more.

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