12 Interesting Facts About Border Terriers That Will Blow Your Mind

The Border Terrier is a hard-working, energetic working dog who, despite his small stature, has a lot of energy – so he is not made for a life as a sofa companion. But he is the best accomplice in every outdoor adventure!

FCI Group 3: Terriers.
Section 1 – Long Legged Terriers
Country of origin: Great Britain
Use: terrier

FCI standard number: 10
Males: 5.9 – 7.1 kg
Females: 5.1 – 6.3 kg

#1 The Border Terrier’s breed name comes from its origins in the border areas between England and Scotland, where it was bred as a small hunting dog and used to hunt foxes and badgers.

#2 Hounds with this specialization are usually built smaller than their larger counterparts to allow them better access to the low burrows of their prey.

#3 The Border Terrier should also be so quick and persistent that he could easily run alongside a horse – he has retained this agility and his pronounced urge to move to this day.

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