12 Facts Every Great Pyrenees Owner Should Know

Quite a lot – is relative – what do you want when you get a dog – here Pyrenean mountain dog? They are family members – OK, there are said to be people who eat “junk food” and think that would be the optimal diet – as I said, everyone can do whatever they want. Normally you try to feed your family healthy and balanced – including your new family member – the Pyrenean mountain dog.

#1 We always say that you can see very well whether the dog is using its food well, whether it’s good by how it comes out at the back – stupid now – but “is it a well-formed sausage” – then it’s perfect – or just ” a nasty smelly heap” – then it’s not perfect.

Nowadays there is very good and high-quality dry food, there are good cans (i.e. wet food) - with a Pyrenean Mountain Dog this gets expensive over time - if you don't believe it - just buy a good can - I mean good and high-quality, the price is about at 5 euros for 800g - a Pyrenean mountain dog never gets full with one a day - well, a good idea for the holiday - but otherwise..... We feed dry food during the day - very high quality, we are happy to advise our puppy buyers and give it in the evening with us fresh meat with different oils, vegetables, fruits, eggs, and various other delicacies.

#2 Caring for a Pyrenean Mountain Dog is no more complicated than with other breeds – a Pyrenean Mountain Dog has a beautiful, thick undercoat and a plain outer coat.

#3 Its fur protects it from the heat in summer and the cold in winter.

It is very important, please do not bathe your Great Pyrenees - no shampoo - also no "dog shampoo" - should your Great Pyrenees look really bad - a shower is enough!!!

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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