12 Best Brussels Griffon Costumes For Halloween 2022

The Brussels Griffon is a companion dog. He is described as very alert, even-tempered, alert, and proud. His nature is neither fearful nor aggressive and he is very affectionate toward his owner. Another characteristic of a Brussels Griffon is that it is full of joie de vivre and playful. Therefore, keeping a Brussels Griffon requires giving the dog a great deal of time and attention. Because of its character, which is also described as self-confident and good-natured, the dog is well suited for older people, but because of its playfulness also for families with children.

#1 Training a Brussels Griffon should not be a problem as they are very obedient and docile. The Belgian Griffon is lively yet easy to train.

He forms a close bond with his people, he is characterized by trust and attention and he is very obedient when properly trained.

#2 Therefore, he is also a recommendable dog for families with children.

Dealing with conspecifics can also be described as uncomplicated with the Belgian Griffon.

#3 A Brussels Griffon can be kept in an apartment as well as in a house with a garden, whereby a house with a garden suits his need for exercise very much.

In addition, the Brussels Griffon needs up to 4x a day of exercise in the form of long walks.

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