10+ Undeniable Truths Only Boxer Pup Parents Understand

The coat of the boxers is quite thin and easy to care for. Boxers do shed, but their coat is very short and thin, so it is not very conspicuous if it is not a seasonal shedding when the number of coats doubles.

Taking care of your coat is pretty straightforward. It is often sufficient to wipe the boxer down with hard cloth, although many boxers love to be scratched with a rubber brush.

Boxers are very clean dogs and often groom themselves like cats. The boxer’s bathing is more of an annual event than a regular routine.

The nails of these dogs are not black, so they are easy to cut. Make sure to keep an eye on the claws, if they are not trimmed, they will not wear off over time, so they need to be trimmed every week or two.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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