10 Signs Your Dog Is Afraid Of You – According To Dog Professionals

Understanding our fluffy friends is sometimes quite difficult. Especially if the dog’s behavior is unusual.

These ten behaviors can be signs that your dog is afraid of you.

Number nine only true dog connoisseurs recognize as a sign of fear!

Your dog is tucking its tail

Cute homeless scared dog with sweet looking eyes walking in summer park. Adorable yellow dog with sad scared emotions at shelter. adoption concept.
There’s a reason why the saying “tuck your tail” is used when someone is afraid of something.

When dogs are frightened, they pull their tails between their legs. Sometimes so far that it even touches the lower abdomen.

If your dog does this a lot around you, it may be afraid of you.

The dog shrinks

When we are afraid, we would prefer to be invisible so that nothing and no one can hurt us.

Even dogs make themselves small when they feel insecure. They often curl up in their beds or in corners.

This behavior is often observed on New Year’s Eve when the loud fireworks scare the dog.

Laid ears

Unlike humans, dogs can twist and move their ears in different directions, for example to better hear sounds coming from different directions.

If the dog flaps its ears back, it means it is submitting or feeling threatened.

Either way, it can be a sign that you’re scaring your dog.

A long mouth cleft

If your dog’s mouth is closed but his lips are pulled back, this can also be a sign of fear.

A relaxed dog usually has a slightly open mouth.

If your dog shows this facial expression even when you are at home, he is probably not feeling very well.

Your dog avoids eye contact with you

Dogs stare into each other’s eyes, challenging each other to fight.

If your dog avoids eye contact with you, he may be afraid that you might attack him.

In this case, you have to work on the relationship with your four-legged friend so that he is no longer afraid of you.

The dog avoids you

If your dog keeps a good distance from you and tries to avoid you around the house, you may be frightening them.

Don’t approach your dog obsessively, but try to show him that you don’t want to hurt him.

If the fear goes away, he will come close to you all by himself.

His eyes are wide open

If your furry friend’s usually so cute wide eyes are wide open, this shows that he is afraid.

Especially when you can even see the whites of his eyes, you know he’s scared.

If he’s staring at you or squinting at you wide-eyed but turning his head away, you’re probably the cause of his fear.

Trembling, tenseness and rigidity

Shivering means the same thing in both dogs and humans. Either we’re cold or we’re scared.

Even a dog that seems tense or rigid may be afraid.

If this happens to your dog frequently, you may be acting in a way that frightens him.

Your dog is hyperactive

This sign is difficult to interpret because it can also mean that the dog is excited and happy.

It is therefore important to pay attention to what the dog’s facial expression and body language expresses.

If your dog runs wild and jumps around, you may scare him and he will try to escape.

Loud barking, yelping, or growling

Barking and growling are quickly taken as signs of aggression. However, often the reason for this aggression is fear.

Your dog may feel like he needs to defend himself in front of you.

Howling can also be a symbol of fear.

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