10 Signs Your Dog Doesn’t Trust You

When it comes to the relationship between humans and dogs, most people only talk about the behavior of the dog. However, people also have to train so that the four-legged friend can feel comfortable.

Here are ten signs your dog doesn’t trust you.

The behavior in number 9 is totally misunderstood by most dog owners!

Your dog follows your every move

Your dog lies on his bed and follows your every move with his eyes while you clean up? Unfortunately, he may not be doing this just out of boredom.

If your dog doesn’t trust you, he’ll want to keep a close eye on you if, for example, you suddenly want to attack.

Your dog is hiding in the house

The first few days in a new home are often confusing for dogs.

However, if you’ve had your dog for a long time and he’s still hiding from you or crouching in corners or crates, this is probably a sign he’s frightened.

The reason for his fear could be that he doesn’t trust you.

Your dog avoids you

When we don’t like someone, we prefer to avoid that person. It’s the same with dogs.

For example, if you walk into the room and your dog leaves right away, he may feel uncomfortable around you.

Even if he otherwise tends to keep his distance, this shows a lack of trust.

Treats? No thank you!

A happy dog would never refuse treats! So if he doesn’t accept it from you or only reluctantly, he probably doesn’t trust you all that much.

Who knows, maybe you want to poison him?

In this case, you should urgently work on the relationship between you and your dog.

Your dog is not asking you to play

Dogs who love their masters want to play with them and share their toys.

However, if your dog growls at you when you pick up his toy and never brings it to you, he may fear you will take it away.

If he doesn’t invite you to play, he may not trust you very much.

The fur stands up

When dogs’ fur stands up, it’s a bit reminiscent of how humans get goosebumps.

However, in dogs it is more a sign of stress and more importantly anxiety.

For example, if your dog’s fur stands up when you want to touch it or approach it, it’s probably afraid of you.

Your dog is slow to respond to commands

The relationship with your furry friend is the most important factor in command training.

Dogs who are slow to respond to commands often question them first and are unsure whether it is safe to carry out them.

The faster he reacts, the more he trusts you!

Your dog doesn’t like to cuddle with you

How cuddly a dog is depends on its character and partly also on the breed.

Basically, all dogs like to be petted by their favorite people.

If your dog never wants to cuddle with you, he may feel uncomfortable around you. He doesn’t trust you enough to want to be that close.

Please do not leave me!

If the dog is extremely excited when its owner leaves the house, many people think that it would rather spend more time with them.

A loud reaction often shows panic rather than sadness. The dog thinks he is abandoned.

If your dog trusts you, he knows that you would not just leave him.

Your dog doesn’t wag its tail

When dogs wag their tails, they express joy and happiness. But when they’re scared, stressed, or sad, the tail stands still.

If your dog’s tail doesn’t move in your presence or even curls, the dog is probably uncomfortable.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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