10 Reasons Every Business Should Have an Office Dog

Arriving at the office in the morning and receiving an enthusiastic welcome even before the first cup of coffee: how can the day start better? More and more companies are now able to bring a dog to the office. Not surprisingly, this fur nose not only provides fun at work but also supports the mental health of, for example, employees. We’ve put together 10 good reasons why every company should have an office dog.

10 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have an Office Dog

  1. Every morning there is someone in the office who is sincerely happy for his fellow human beings and gives a good mood.
  2. Stroking, playing, walking: the office is never boring.
  3. Game modules will briefly distract attention and thus can enhance creativity.
  4. The dog in the office relaxes the climate.
  5. It is scientifically proven that having a dog in the office reduces stress and improves employee mental health.
  6. Burnout risk is reduced.
  7. Play blocks are definitely considered physical activity.
  8. Meetings are much more fun when you have an animal.
  9. The dog should not stay at home alone or with a nanny.
  10. The company looks even more personable with a cute office dog.

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