10+ Pictures That Prove Leonbergers Are Perfect Weirdos

The Leonberger is a very large, beautiful dog that combines great power and nobility. The real embodiment of the lion is the coat of arms of the city of Leonberg, in which the breed was bred. The maximum height of dogs at the withers is 80 cm.

Leonberger has an impressive size. The S-dog seems even more massive than it is, due to the densely developed undercoat. With this breed, clumsiness and stockiness are absolutely alien. Leonberger dogs are harmonious, proportional dogs, whose movements are fluid and elegant. Dogs have a strong constitution, well-developed muscles, a wide chest, and very strong limbs. The head is voluminous, with a smooth transition from the forehead to the sea, the dog holds its head high; the muzzle is relatively long, but not pointed. The lips are dense, the jaws are very strong, the teeth are large and strong, the bite is scissor. The eyes are medium in size, oval, light to dark brown. The ears are drooping, close to the head, rounded at the tips. The tail is set low, long, and strong. At rest, it is lowered down, in an active state it bends slightly upward, but does not rise above the level of the back.

#3 A couple of weeks ago we had this walk in the floods and the frost. The humans were cold. Not us!

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