10 Of The Very Best Australian Cattle Dogs Wearing Halloween Costumes 2022

The Australian Cattle Dog is a distinctive dog. His appearance matches his origin. As its name suggests, it is a compact, strong Australian herding, and cattle dog. His main task was and is driving the cattle herds in the vast expanses of Australian pastureland. The Australian Cattle Dog is a medium-sized dog. At first glance, he has the typical contours of a short-haired shepherd dog. However, two things catch the eye. For one thing, it’s exceptionally compact and powerful. On the other hand, he shows unusual fur colors. The official standard describes the general appearance of the Australian Cattle Dog, it states 

represents a strong, compact, and symmetrically built working dog, having the ability and will to carry out the task assigned to it, no matter how difficult it may be. The combination of substance, strength, balance, and powerful, strong muscles must give the impression of great mobility, strength and endurance. Any sign of clumsiness or weakness is a serious fault.

#1 The Cattle Dog’s hair is smooth and forms a double coat with a short, dense undercoat. The fur colors are a special feature and unique in the dog world.

#2 The Australian Cattle Dog is an extremely robust and persistent dog.

His standard specifically sees it as a fault when the dogs exhibit traits that negatively "impact on the health and welfare of the dog and its ability to do the breed-typical work required."

#3 As we know from his story, was and this breed-typical work is extremely hard. He is a rough, rustic dog that is not knocked over so easily.

He is often impetuous, his temper is hard to control. That is part of its special charm. He is attentive, fearless and vigilant, but not a barker - provided that he is well trained.

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