10 Mistakes When Dealing With Old Cats

Age-related changes in cats come slowly, but they come. And suddenly there are things that can become problems for cat seniors. You should never make these mistakes when dealing with old cats.

Aging is part of pet life. Unfortunately, many people forget that. And after a few years, the lively young tomcat becomes a senior cat. Cats are considered seniors from the age of seven. Every cat deserves to age gracefully.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes When Dealing With Old Cats

As your cat slowly gets older, you need to show understanding and refrain from making the following mistakes:

Don’t Just Throw Grandpas and Grannies Away

No one deserves to be abandoned in old age. Senior cats also need love and care from their two-legged friends in old age. Anyone who takes in an animal bears responsibility until the end – even if everyday life changes. Older cats hardly have any chance of being adopted by the animal shelter.

No Hurdles in Everyday Life for the Old Bones

Even old cats should still be able to reach their favorite places. If your oldie can no longer reach the window sill on his own, give him some help. With a cat staircase as a climbing aid, the cat senior does not have to do without the overview from above. Also, provide your old cat with a litter box with a low rim – this makes it easier to get in.

Don’t Forget: She’s No Longer a Wild Luzi!

When the niggle gnaws, nobody wants noise and halligalli anymore. If things get lively with visitors or children, you should give your oldie the opportunity to withdraw at any time.

Just no Lively Society

Anyone who thinks their cat senior will thrive when a kitten jumps around them is wrong. Such a cheeky youngster tends to annoy the old ones – and the little Junior just gets bored. The socialization of old and young cats should be avoided if possible.

More Taste in the Bowl

Smell and taste become weaker in older cats. Older cats no longer recognize food as such. It is particularly important for old cats that they eat well. With a little warmed, unsalted broth, the cat food gains in flavor.

Age is no Reason for a Garden Ban

If the cat is used to being outdoors, you should not deny it freedom when it is old. The only important thing is that she has the possibility to get to her safe home at any time.

Playing Keeps you Fit and Healthy

Many cat owners stop playing with their older cats. But small tasks and challenges keep our oldies sharp in the head! Therefore, the game units should not be deleted.

Don’t Ignore Age-Related Changes

Cats would never show weakness or pain. So take a close look. Any abnormality should be observed and checked if necessary. Older cats should also be seen by a veterinarian twice a year. Frequent diseases of old age, such as chronic kidney failure, can be recognized and treated at an early stage.

Don’t Be Surprised if She Gets Needier

Even cats can get a bit senile. Does your cat call for you more often during the day and at night, or forget where the bowl and toilet are? Now she needs help and understanding! In fact, some cats become somewhat demented as they age. Routine and loving care make everyday life easier for them.

Despite Your Age, Please Don’t Be Bored!

If the older cat does not go outside more and more often, that is okay. Offer her a box seat by the window. So she keeps an eye on everything.

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