10 Interesting Facts About Rabbits

International Rabbit Day was celebrated on September 23rd in honor of the cute long ears, but we would like to introduce you to these great animals in more detail. That’s why we have ten interesting rabbit facts for you that you definitely don’t know yet.

  1. The European hare family is very manageable and consists of a total of four species: the field hare, the white hare, the mountain hare, and the wild rabbit.
  2. Rabbits have to gnaw – if they didn’t, their teeth would be almost one and a half meters long after a year.
  3. The uterus of rabbits is divided into two parts, so a female rabbit can give birth to up to seven cubs every five to six weeks.
  4. Young rabbits are only suckled once a day – after which they have to wait 24 hours until there is the next milk.
  5. Rabbit hearts beat quickly, namely 130 to 325 times per minute. For comparison: a human heart has a rate of 60 to 100 beats per minute.
  6. Rabbits can’t throw up.
  7. Rabbits have “high-tech eyes”: They can turn their eyes 360 degrees in order to discover their enemies more quickly and to flee in good time.
  8. Rabbits are vegetarians and only eat at dusk.
  9. Rabbits eat their own droppings.
  10. Hares are solitary animals outside of the mating season.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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