10+ Informative and Interesting Facts About Belgian Malinoises

Malinois is the ideal shepherd, guard, police dog. This shepherd dog is prized for its endurance and hard work. The main thing for this animal is to have a job. Surprisingly, idleness and boredom spoil the character of the Malinois.

#1 The few, the proud — the Malinois. He used to protect livestock; now he protects lives. No wonder he’s one of the fastest-growing breeds in terms of popularity.

#2 The Belgian Malinois is the short-coated, fawn version of what some people consider one breed: the Belgian Shepherd (or Chiens de Berger Belge).

#3 Belgian Malinoises were working farm dogs expected to both herd and guard. The coat tended to differ in length, texture, and color in various regions.

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