10 Hollywood Stars And Their Cute Dogs (With Pictures)

In this article, we look at the most popular dog breeds in Hollywood.

Which dogs do celebrities love?

Are they all small and handy or are there also unexpected finds?

You can be excited!

Our favorite four-legged friends are also indispensable in Hollywood.

Whether as the main actor or simply as a happy companion for the stars – many celebrities keep one or more dogs!

Do you want to know what are the 10 most popular dog breeds in Hollywood?

#1 Lady Gaga and her French Bulldogs

Wait a moment. Who is Gaga here? In fact, bulldogs are known for their clownish, quirky, and somewhat different personality.

So who could the French Bulldog be a better match for than Lady Gaga herself?

Life as a dog walker in Hollywood must be really crazy. While walking Lady Gaga's Frenchies, her dog walker was shot and both dogs were kidnapped! Both dogs have since returned safely.

#2 Jennifer Aniston and the German Shepherd

Would you have expected the German shepherd in Hollywood? In fact, several Hollywood stars live with a German shepherd.

Including Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, and Robbie Williams.

The faithful companion is considered extremely intelligent, trainable, curious, loyal, courageous, and is an excellent protector.

Many celebrities appreciate the watchful spirit of this dog breed on their luxury properties!

#3 Arnold Schwarzenegger loves huskies and labradors

Super celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger has had several dogs. A Labrador Retriever used to live with the muscle man for many years.

Not so long ago, Arnie got himself a new four-legged friend, the husky mix Dutch.

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