10+ Facts About Raising and Training Portuguese Water Dogs

Representatives of this breed are very curious. They are actively interested in the world around them and have the ability to learn. Dog breeders recommend starting education and training at a tender age. The opinion that babies cannot understand commands and carry them out is wrong. Already at 2 months, they understand what is required of them. Accordingly, early socialization will allow you to quickly accustom the puppy to the norms of behavior in society.

Walking in crowded places is essential. You will need to visit noisy places with a large number of people for the pet to get used to non-standard conditions. Communication with dogs of other breeds will not hurt either.

#1 Puppy training should be started from the first days of the dog’s stay in your home.

#2 And we are talking, first of all, about the correct upbringing of a Portuguese Water Dog puppy, and it will be possible to start training and learning commands when the puppy is completely comfortable in your house.

#3 As a rule, one week is sufficient. By this time, the puppy is already overflowing with curiosity and diligently learns the world around him.

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