10+ Facts About Raising and Training Belgian Malinoises

If the Belgian Shepherd Malinois does not obey you, it means that you have poorly explained what exactly you want. They are very intelligent, intelligent dogs that require firm but gentle handling. If you try to act with brute force, the pet will be offended and lose confidence in you, and with regular outbursts of irritation, it is quite capable of turning into an unpredictable aggressive, or cowardly creature. You will have to work first of all on yourself.

#1 If you are consistent, active and experienced, training the Belgian Malinois is very interesting, even exciting.

#2 She enthusiastically grabs any business. And if it doesn’t work, he tries again and again until he achieves the desired result. And then he will share your stormy delight in achieving your goal.

#3 The Belgian Shepherd can master almost any specialty: a policeman, a rescuer, a guide, and is also considered an unsurpassed athlete (agility, freestyle, flyball, etc.), an excellent companion.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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