10 Dogs Who Look Very Different As Puppies Than Adults

Some dog breeds look like puppies for life. With other dog children, the appearance changes so much with age that you hardly recognize them.

We found 10 dogs that look very different as puppies than they do as adults.

In contrast to puppies from animal welfare, with the breeds that we will introduce to you in a moment, you know exactly how little Drops will develop. Some of them are still really cute surprise packages.

Afghan Hound

The elegant Afghan is known for its special head of hair.

When fully grown, the sighthound from Afghanistan is almost always neatly groomed, with a neat, wavy mane and maybe even a little bow in his hair.

As a puppy, the Afghan Hound looks completely different. What a cute fluff, isn’t it?


Even if the Briard does not come close to the magnificent coat of the Afghan, he also wears a proud long hairstyle when fully grown.

The extremely intelligent Briard is born as a fluffy ball of fur that you can only be sure of if you know it is a dog of this breed.

The dog child develops the typical appearance of a Briard much later.

Bearded Collie

Especially with long-haired dog breeds like the Bearded Collie, the puppies look very different from the adult dog.

While the adult Bearded Collie wears a long and lush coat of fur in the colors black, black-brown, fawn, tricolor, brown or blue, the Baby Bearded Collie is born with a much shorter coat.


The Bobtail looks confusingly similar to the young Bearded Collie, especially as a puppy.

Both dog breeds are herding dogs from Great Britain.

We find bobtail puppies to be particularly cuddly. What do you mean?

Irish wolfhound

Large, long-haired puppies often don’t look like what they want to be when they are puppies.

It’s the same with the Irish Wolfhound. It is almost unimaginable that this giant would also be born as a small, fluffy dwarf.


The Puli has a very unusual coat of fur. As an adult dog, he wears dreadlocks.

More precisely, a so-called Schürenbehang. This protects the Puli from attacks, injuries and weather during its actual task of tending sheep.

Puppies of this dog breed are born without dreadlocks. They actually look more like snow-white bobtail puppies.

Tibet Terrier

The watchful, lovable, and affectionate Tibetan terrier has long since moved into many households – a far cry from its original role as a guardian.

As a puppy, the Tibetan Terrier looks completely different than as an adult. Cute!

Bergamasque shepherd dog

Besides the Puli and the Komondor, there is another breed of dog with absolutely crazy fur, the Bergamasca Shepherd Dog.

He probably has the most blatant Schüren curtain of all and, like many other breeds, is born with a completely different appearance.


The Saluki is an athletic, intelligent, quiet, and reserved dog.

Nevertheless, the Saluki is also an excellent sight hunter from the greyhound family.

Saluki males reach a maximum height of 71 centimeters. Above all, the long legs make the noble dog appear graceful and graceful.

As a puppy there is no trace of it. They are round and cute like most puppies.

Basset Hound

With the Basset Hound, even as a puppy, you can tell what he wants to become. Although he could also become a beagle if it weren’t for his ears that keep growing…

As a baby basset hound, at least there is no need to worry about constantly stumbling over the ears that have been bred much too long – that comes later!

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