10 Dangers For Cats At Christmas And New Year’s Eve

During the holidays there are many dangers for our cats. Pay attention to these 10 points so that your cat can start the new year relaxed.

Candlelight, good food, and finally a loud party on New Year’s Eve – all of this may bring us a lot of joy during the holidays, but our cat’s dangers lurk everywhere during this time. Be sure to avoid these 10 sources of danger at Christmas and New Year’s Eve so that your cat can start the new year relaxed.

Advent, Advent, a Little Light is Burning

In the dark season, candles give us a cozy light. But with a cat, an open flame can quickly become dangerous. It’s easy for the cat to knock over a candle or sing its tail.

Therefore, avoid putting candles near the cat if possible. A good and safe alternative is, for example, electric tea lights.

The Poinsettia – a Poisonous Beauty

The beautiful poinsettia is part of the holiday decoration for many. But it also belongs to the spurge family and is therefore poisonous to cats. If your cat nibbles on it, it can be dangerous. Just place it out of your cat’s reach.

Trap Packing Station: Scissors and Tape

When wrapping your presents, make sure your cats aren’t rampaging around you. When playing, your cat can easily overlook that there are scissors or tape on the floor or table. If she dashes over it, she could injure herself with the sharp scissors or get caught on the tape.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Many cats would love to climb the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. So that the tree doesn’t fall over if your cat gets this crazy idea, you should secure it as best you can. Also: Cover the Christmas tree stand well. The cat must not drink the stagnant water.

Baubles, Garlands of Beads, and Tinsel

Not only the Christmas tree itself but also its shiny decoration quickly arouses the cat’s interest. Therefore, only hang the decoration out of reach of the paws so that nothing breaks.

The cat can cut itself on broken Christmas tree balls. The cat can get caught in bead garlands and tinsel and also injure itself.

The Holiday Roast is Not For Cats

You can go overboard on the holidays, but roasting is taboo for cats. It’s too fat and too spicy for a cat’s stomach. It is better to enjoy this food yourself and give the cat a species-appropriate treat.

Cookies and Chocolate are Taboo for Cats

Most of the time, cats know what harms them. Unfortunately, since they don’t like sweets, they do accept chocolate and other sweets. Make sure your cat doesn’t get any of this: chocolate is poisonous to cats.

Packaging and Bags With Handles

Cats love boxes and bags. But you can get caught on the handles or even strangle yourself. Therefore, as a precaution, cut the handles. Plastic bags are taboo.

Confetti Bombs and Cork-Popping

The scraps can fly on New Year’s Eve! But small parts can be very easily swallowed by the cat. Therefore, the cat should either not be allowed into the room for the time being, or you should do without the crackers.

Fireworks and Loud Bangers on New Year’s Eve

Hooray, it’s New Year’s Eve and that’s often celebrated with fireworks and bangers. But for our sensitive cats, the noise is sheer horror. You will retire to a safe place. On this noisy night, it is imperative that people leaving the house stay at home, because the remains of fireworks falling to the ground are a danger.

There is also a risk that the person leaving the house will desperately seek shelter from the noise and possibly get lost. Make sure your cat can hole up at home. When the noise is over, you should give her time. Only when she has recovered from the stress can you enjoy the new year together.

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