10 Best West Highland White Terrier Tattoo Ideas That Will Inspire You

Regular grooming is a must to keep your Westie looking its best.

Basically, you have to spoil your darling with some services. This includes brushing and trimming.

Brush and comb your dog’s hair daily to break up tangles. Here’s how you can keep it supple. That sounds like a lot of work. But once the dog has gotten used to the procedure, it hardly takes any more time. About a few minutes a day.

If you don’t brush your hair regularly, dirt and dander will collect in it.

It is good if you start doing this when you are a puppy so that your Westie gets used to it.

Every six to eight weeks you should trim the dog’s hair as well. The Westie does not shed dead hair. Therefore you have to help and lighten the hair. To do this, brush and pluck out the old hair.

To top off grooming, you can clip and bathe the Westie. It’s best not to do this with a machine, though. Trim the fur by hand with scissors. It must not be too short afterward. Then you can bathe the little one. But you shouldn’t do this too often. Only if necessary.

Because the Westie has a hard coat, bathing too often can do more harm than good. In any case, you should use a mild dog shampoo for bathing.

Another alternative for grooming would be a grooming salon.

The West Highland White Terrier’s nails will need trimming from time to time. When your dog’s claws make a noise on the ground, it’s time to clip them. You should try to keep a distance of about two millimeters from the ground.

It is advisable to check the paws or pads after each walk to see if there are any foreign bodies.

By the way, your Westie will thank you if you brush his teeth regularly. There is also a special toothpaste for dogs. This is how you ensure that your Westie has healthy teeth. In addition, he will have fewer problems with inflammation or tartar.

Below you will find the 10 best West Highland White Terrier tattoos:

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