8 Best Dog Breeds For Athletic People

Are you active, you love to walk, and are you a real sports fanatic? There you can find a suitable partner on four legs. Here you can learn about sporting dog breeds and their talents.

Running: Dalmatian Shows Perseverance

If you love to run, you have a wide variety of dog breeds to choose from. Many dogs love to run. However, the first place with us is occupied by the Dalmatian, who loves to run and does not lose weight so quickly.

Initially, the Dalmatian accompanied crews up to 50 kilometers long. For him, long distances are still not a problem. If it surprises you that there are no Greyhounds here, consider this: you will not be able to keep up with Greyhounds, because they can accelerate from 40 to 70 km / h.

Agility: The Border Collie is Quick and Quick-Witted

In the agility of dogs, humans also face serious problems: movement and intelligence are combined. Agility is a real hit for the smart and fast herding dog like the Border Collie.

Sledding & Ice Skating: Husky and Alaskan Malamute Competition

Do you love toboggans and snowshoes? Then it must be a Nordic breed, such as a Husky or Alaskan Malamute. Both are made for cool and ideal sled dogs. They are loyal companions on snowshoe hikes and do well in sled dog races.

Warning: dogs sensitive to heat. In the summer they love to skate or run next to their bikes, but they quickly get too hot.

Trekking: St. Bernard as a Legendary Companion

Hiking is a sports option. For example, St. Bernard, created for life in the mountains, is known as a rescue dog with barrels around its neck. St. Bernard dogs are more athletic than you think at first glance at this colossus. However, make sure you have a St. Bernard that is not bred too hard because then it will not have problems with slopes and snow.

Swimming: Newfoundland Saves Lives

Are you an avid swimmer? Okay, there are a few dogs that are true water rats: Labradors and Golden Retrievers are water geeks and are also used in water hunting. But, our first place is taken by the Newfoundland dog. Newfoundland dogs are involved in water rescue missions.

Surfing and Rowing: Corgi and Chihuahuas Show Courage and Talent

If you enjoy surfing or stand-up paddling, you should of course put on the board a breed that loves water. The Portuguese Water Dog is one of them, as are Labradors and Retrievers.

But especially impressive are the talent and courage of small breed dogs: for example, the Welsh Corgi and Chihuahua competed in surfing competitions in California. Tip: Don’t forget your life jacket and safety rope.

Cycling: Viszla Works

Dogs that love power and running are also good companions when cycling. Viszla is just one example of the many energies that enjoy running. And Viszla is really long. Another plus: he is very attentive and learns quickly. So he won’t screw up so easily.

Horse Riding: Sports Pinscher

Riders are also happy to be accompanied by dogs. The Foxhound is a popular hunting companion for wildlife, but because it is a specialty, our 1st place in the riding category goes to the Pinscher. The smart nerd is very athletic, has a weak hunting instinct, is easy to train, and can go horseback riding for hours.

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