10 Amazing Signs Your Dog Loves You – Experts Say

Dogs have a very clear communication, from which we humans can take a few slices!

What signs do you know that your dog loves you? Are you familiar with your furry friend’s body language, soothing signals and signs of love?

Here are 10 signs your dog loves and trusts you.

He wags his tail

A definite sign that your dog loves you is the wagging of its tail.

Yes, it’s also possible that your dog not only loves you but also all other family members, the postman, the sausage seller or the dear grandma next door.

Dogs have so much love to give and aren’t afraid to show it out into the world!

He seeks and maintains eye contact

Whether at home or on a walk, if your dog makes eye contact with you, this is a sign that he loves you and trusts you.

He looks you in the eyes expectantly and returns your gaze to find out what’s on your mind.

So a deep dog-human relationship is also reflected in how attentive your dog is to you.

He enjoys and demands pats

Does your dog throw itself on the ground in front of you, stretch out its paws and show you its belly?

This is a clear sign that he loves you, feels comfortable and trusts you completely – and of course that you should please pet him!

He sleeps where you sleep

Maybe you know that too: When you leave the couch in the evening and march towards the bed, your dog follows you into your bedroom.

Even if he doesn’t sleep in your bed (because he can’t or maybe doesn’t want to), he loves to spend the night near you.

This is because dogs are pack animals. If your dog feels connected to you, he will want to stay as close to you as possible at night.

He brings you his toys

Does your dog regularly give you gifts? He brings you his toy or his bones?

This is a sugar-sweet token of love and at the same time a game request.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to play with your dog every time he demands your attention.

In any case, you can be happy every time that your dog wants to share its “booty” or its dearest belongings with you!

He takes deep breaths when you do it

Have you ever noticed that? You lie comfortably on the sofa and want to take a nap, and a satisfied sigh scurries across the room – your dog does the same.

If your dog yawns when you yawn or takes a deep breath when you do, that’s a clear sign of deep connection!

He leans into you

On your walk, you’re standing at the fence having a chat with your neighbor. Your dog has to wait a while and leans against your leg.

Looking for your closeness and trusting leaning shows you that your dog loves you.

Seeks protection from you

Is your dog startled or afraid of something? In such a situation, dogs react quite differently.

While some people immediately go into flight mode, others go on the defensive or seek protection from their master or mistress.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that your dog hates you if he’s in escape or defense mode.

However, when your dog comes to you for protection in dangerous or scary situations, it is definitely proof that he loves and trusts you!

He is always by your side

You work in the home office and your dog changes rooms with you when you take a break in the kitchen?

Contrary to popular belief that your dog just wants to control you, it’s simply a sign that he wants to be with you!

He wants to be part of your life and know what you are doing.

He reciprocates your love and care

Does your dog lick your hands or arms while you rub his tummy?

Then that’s a pretty sure sign that your dog loves you and is thanking you by “grooming” you as well.

The joyful in-between licks on the face or a short lick on the calf while passing by are real, canine tokens of love.

How valuable to have such loving beings as life companions!

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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